PenPal Schools has a strict Student Safety Protocol which has enabled us to connect over 320,000 students without any security problems. First we ensure that only students and teachers are allowed on PenPal Schools. Students can only join if they are invited by a teacher. All teachers must be verified by their principals in order to join and enroll students. PenPal Schools speaks personally with every principal.

Once enrolled, students collaborate in community forums. There is no private direct messaging between students, ensuring that any inappropriate behavior is immediately seen and flagged. Teachers have access to a 21st Century Skills Toolkit, which helps students to learn about topics like creating secure usernames/passwords and protecting personal information.

Speaking of personal information, PenPal Schools collects a bare minimum of data from students. To create an account, students only provide their first name and last initial. Students don't provide personally identifiable information such as last names or email addresses. The small amount of data that students do provide is secured and encrypted.

We at PenPal Schools pride ourselves on going above and beyond industry safety requirements. Please read our privacy policy for more details.

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