Students can start exploring PenPal Schools topics at any time, so it’s easy to fit PenPal Schools into your curriculum or busy school schedule. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. How long will it take to participate? 

Topics include student projects and lessons. Some topics include 1-2 lessons while others include more than 6! You can preview every topic to see how many lessons they include. Typically, we recommend one lesson per week, but you can move at a pace that works for your students and schedule. 

Lessons include a video, reading, and discussion question. Students will also need time to read and respond to their PenPals as well as work on their final project. Perhaps you complete the entire lesson in a 1 hour class period, or maybe you break up the lesson and scaffold it for your students to complete throughout the week. Topics are flexible so that you can implement lessons in a way that works best for your students and your curriculum. 

2. What happens at the end?  
When students have finished exploring the topic, they'll publish their final project. It may be a good idea to have students log in for a week or two after publishing their work to read and respond to comments from PenPals. Students will be able to continue to access the topic, even after publishing their work, as long as they are still enrolled in your classroom. 

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