First, select the topic you'd like to join and sign up. Then, invite your students to enroll. You can start a project at any time, so after you’ve signed up and enrolled your students it’s time start learning! 

PenPal Schools topics consist of a final Showcase project and collaborative lessons. Each collaborative lesson includes a video, an informational reading, and a discussion question. After students answer the discussion question, they can explore the responses from other PenPals enrolled in the project. Learn more about how PenPals collaborate

Lessons can be completed in as little as 30-45 minutes and are flexible, so you could break them up throughout the week or complete them in one class period. 

As they work through the lessons, students will be creating their final Showcase project using the Project Editor. Students can access the project editor from their launchpad to continue working as they learn more with PenPals. They can save their drafts until they are ready to publish their work. 

Have more questions about how to join a new topic? Contact 

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