Once you’ve signed up for a topic, invite your students to join your classroom

If students are new to PenPal Schools, they’ll first need to create their student account and set up their profiles. Students should visit www.penpalschools.com and click to Sign Up as a student. 

Students will then create a unique username and password

Help students create a safe and secure username and password with this mini-lesson from our 21st Century Skills Toolkit.  

Next, students will need to enter the classroom code to enroll in your classroom. You can find this on your Teacher Dashboard

Finally, students will create their Profile. This will be visible to their PenPals, so be sure to write a great profile! Students will enter their first name, last initial, and a brief bio:

Students will also select a profile picture by selecting an avatar. They do not need to upload their own photos.  

Students should click Save when they are done. Now students are ready to begin exploring the topic!

Learn more about adding, removing, and editing projects in project settings.  

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